Bat Removal in Suburban Areas


We have been getting increasing amount of complaints about bats in suburban areas. People who live in more rural areas are used to the bats because bats find a lot of bugs to feed off of in these areas. They also have a lot more room to fly around at night in more rural settings. We are not entirely sure why bats are choosing to move in toward the more suburban and urban areas, but we do have some guesses. Many other wild animals and pests are moving in away from rural areas to find an escape from the heat and humidity, and this may also be the reason for some of the bats we are finding. Another reason may be the increasing amount of food and other debris that is left out or does not make it to the trash in the suburban settings. Those berries that fell out of your garbage bin are a much easier find than the wild berries scattered over wide areas. Why the bats are moving into the suburban areas is not important, what is important is how you are going to go about removing bats.



We do not suggest trying to handle your bat removal on your own. If you try to get the bats out of your attic or out of a structure in your neighborhood on your own, then you could end up hurting them. If you release them at the wrong time, you can also risk endangering them and preventing them from being able to survive. While many people are afraid of bats, there is no urgent need to remove them from your residential area. Bats are good for our environments because they do not cause harm to us, and they help control the populations of a lot of bugs including mosquitoes and beetles. I know we could all use a lot fewer mosquitoes in our lives.


Hire an Expert

For bat removal, it is best to hire a bat removal expert to take care of your problems. Whether there are bats in your attic or somewhere else, a bat remover will be able to take care of the issue without harming the bats. He or she will also be able to identify how the bats were able to get. Once you seal up the holes, you will be sure that the bats will not return to invade your living space.