Maryland Bat Information

You decided, after many years, to go into your attic and find the old pictures of you when you were a kid. You climb the stairs hoping the dust won’t kill you and thinking you should improvise with some homemade gas mask, just in case. You open the attic door, walk toward the shelf with your pictures and after the second step, you see a bat, staring at you.  The most important thing right now is to stay calm and look at what is around you. Below is some Maryland Bat Information that may be useful.


The first and most important thing to remember is to not make any sudden movements. If you are not home alone, try to bring in assistance, slowly explain the situation and ask for help. If your husband or eldest son is home, let them deal with the bats in the attic. If not, skip to step number 2.


Try to find some larger box or something that has a bottom and can fit a bat. If you are lucky enough and find it, reach for it. Slowly approach the bat and at the same time move your hands (with a box in it, of course). When you get close enough, being as fast as you can, cover the bat with it. WARNING: this only applies if the box covers all of the angles, and the bat cannot escape. When done, slowly move the box (holding it firmly and without fear) to the floor. Try to bring some heavy items with you, so you can cover the box and lower the chance of him being able to move it (unless he evolves to Batman – good luck with that one).


You can try to find some long object and try to scare him away. You must have a window or an opening in your attic (unless he dug secret tunnel to your house). Open it and try to scare him, so he flies far, far away. You can also try to scare him to the doors and then later out of the house.


Call in Professional Help

If none of this works for you, you can always call animal removal experts to take care of the bat for you. These professionals are trained to take care of any pests that get into peoples’ homes, and you can be sure that they will remove this bat from your home safely.


There are 10 varieties of bats in Maryland: the Big Brown Bat and the Small Brown Bat are the most common ones. The Indiana Bat is an endangered type discovered in Western Maryland and also many other states east of Oklahoma.